Proactive Productivity and Power™ software for door distributors

Software for Hardware Version 14.1 Documentation

Software For Hardware Enhancement Documentation Links

Performance & Reliability

Enhanced Processing Speed on Main Project Screen

Common PDF File Save Path


Project Manager Column on Contract Job/Quote & Sales Orders/Proposals Lists

The Main Project Grid Now Shows Row Numbers

The Main Project Grid Now Contains Sortable Columns

Rough Opening Size Wizard

New Marked for Deletion to Safeguard Deleting of Contract Jobs

New Ship To Address Tab in Contacts

Tag Number Count on Pricing and Provisioning Screens

Retrieve Archived Sales Orders, Proposals and Purchase Orders by Job#

Import Company Logo Automatically into Software for Hardware

Store a Vendor PDF Acknowledgment in SFH to View/Retrieve from a PO

Door/Frame Material Extended Descriptions

Add Project Manager to Contract Jobs and Sales Orders


Add Salesperson to Change Order Log Reports

Add Tag Numbers to Elevations in Fabrication Reports

Added Mfg Quote# to the Hardware Price Estimate by Manufacturer Report

Contact List Reports

Show Wall Type Legend on the Door/Frame Schedule

Show Deleted Hardware Sets as a Separate Page in the Hardware Schedule

Contract Job Management Report

Adding Master Report Text to Total Job Report

Adding Master Per Plans and Specifications Words to Total Job Report

Wood Door Machining Sheets

Print Wall Type on the Door/Frame Schedule

Show Tag Numbers on all Price Estimate Reports