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What is P3?

A proactive training and consulting service designed to improve your staff’s productivity and turn each employee into an SFH power user. P3 generates ROI for your business by reducing errors and improving productivity without the expense of custom onsite training.

What do I Get?

training with the industry's leading door distributor software

Live and recorded training sessions designed for both novice and advanced SHF users. Every month SFH conducts new live webinars and posts recorded webinars to the P3 website for subscribers to access at their convenience. These sessions focus on specific issues voiced by SHF users. Members report the webinars helped them save time, reduce errors, and be more productive with SFH.

consultation with the industry's leading door distributor software

Individual consultation sessions with key SFH staff to maximize the value your company gains from SFH. Your annual P3 Membership includes two separate consultation sessions.

Back-up Check-Up
An IT session with your technical staff to ensure that your back-up and disaster recovery procedures are correctly setup and your business is protected from a cyber-attack, hardware crash, or human error. Enjoy the peace of mind that your business is protected.

Business Goals
A discussion with your company leadership about key business goals, metrics, and how to best leverage SFH to reach your targets. A rare opportunity to step back, look at the business, and identify meaningful operational changes to reach your goals.

Who Provides P3 Services?

Software for Hardware deeply believes in the value of P3 so much so that we hired additional staff to support providing the P3 service. P3 training and consultation sessions are delivered by industry veterans. Cheryl Orsi, joined SFH with 30 years of door industry background and fully understands the environment and customer pressures you work in everyday. Cheryl leads the webinar training sessions and the Business Goals consultation.

Michael Schecter, a twenty-year IT veteran provides P3 subscribers the IT consultation as well as support for the P3 website. Michael joined Software for Hardware following careers with software companies in the payroll industry and gambling industry. As a result, Michael well understands businesses that operate with important data that requires quick client response.

Why Should I Subscribe?

In short, three simple reasons

  1. Support Your Staff – provide your team the training they need to do their jobs better
  2. Protect Your Data – access the IT expertise to ensure your system and data are protected
  3. Grow Your Business – reducing errors and improving productivity drive revenue and profit

What is the cost?

P3 annual membership fee is based on your number of SFH licenses.

1-5 SFH licenses – $ 995/year
6-10 SFH licenses – $1,095/year
11+ SFH licenses – $1,295/year

One annual fee covers your entire staff. Training, consultation and P3 website access.

When Can I Schedule My Consultation Sessions?

Upon sign-up and payment, you can immediately schedule these two personalized sessions. The sooner the better as you can choose a date and time that best suits your schedule.

Why is SFH Offering P3?

Everyday we help dozens of customers who would benefit from SFH additional training and individualized consultation. While some customers proactively arrange custom training sessions, understandably, most customers find the cost and time commitment difficult. P3 aims to proactively provide you training materials, live sessions, and personal consultations at an affordable price and convenient to your schedule.

My Annual Maintenance Contract Lapsed; Can I Subscribe to P3?

No. P3 is only available to customers that loyally and annually support SFH. If your contract has lapsed, you can certainly reactivate your annual contract and simultaneously subscribe to P3. Call Lisa and discuss your options. 770-945-2643 or

Can I Cancel?

Of course. After 90 days, if you feel P3 failed to create real value for your staff and for your bottom line, please contact us to share your experience. Cancellations of your unused P3 subscription will credit toward your SFH annual renewal.

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