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Software for Hardware provides users many tools to become power SFH users such as onsite training, in-product video tutorials, and P3: Proactive Productivity and Power™. P3 provides subscribers with training webinars, workshops, tips & tricks, and one-on-one consultation sessions. P3 subscribers login below.

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“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”


24% higher profitability

The latest research confirms Franklin’s sage advice. Middlesex University School of Business research found 24% higher profitability in companies that invest in employee knowledge and training.

Full training for the novice, tips and tricks for the advanced

Employees often suffer frustrations and wasted time simply because they must use specific software but never received adequate or ongoing training. P3: Proactive Productivity & Power™ provides every licensed SFH user at your company full access to ongoing training webinars, workshops, and learning materials. The materials are geared for novice users as well as advanced users. The goal of P3 – make you an SFH power user.

Annual IT Back-Up Check-Up

In addition, P3 subscription provides your company an annual IT Back-Up Check-Up to ensure that your data and projects are protected in the event of a system failure or natural disaster.

Productivity Consultation

P3 subscription also includes a one-on-one business consultation to examine your use of SFH and opportunities to get more value out of the software.

Instant 10% ROI

Software for Hardware sincerely believes, like Benjamin Franklin, that investment in P3 will create great return for you. In fact, that return begins immediately as P3 subscription earns you a 10% discount on your annual Support & Maintenance agreement.