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Founded by John Petersen in 1996, door, frame and hardware distributors across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean have come to recognize Software for Hardware as a leading software solution for over two decades. Software for Hardware focuses solely on the door industry and with over twenty years of experience we understand how to apply the latest technology to help door, frame and hardware distributors run more efficient and profitable businesses.

Software for Hardware pursues a 3-fold approach

  1. Build the best and easiest to use software for door, frame and hardware distributors.
  2. Create great customer service with US based support personnel who respond with a sense of urgency and provide true professional help.
  3. Prove our value every day and maintain long term loyal relationships with our customers across North America.

Everyone at Software for Hardware, LLC strives every day to deliver on this mission. While we are not perfect every day, we always care about our customers and their businesses. As a result, our clients’ average tenure with Software for Hardware is over 9 years! In fact, nearly one quarter of Software for Hardware clients have been with us for well over 15 years. Care about your customers; provide them the best value, and long term relationships will develop.


The leadership team bring decades of seasoned experience and industry knowledge to Software for

Lisa Oxman Owner Software For Hardware
Lisa Oxman
A career technology sales and customer service leader, Lisa brings decades of Fortune 500 sales and customer service management experience to Software for Hardware. A graduate of Northern Illinois University and still a Chicagoan at heart, Lisa and Ian have raised a family in Atlanta for nearly two decades. Lisa serves on several charity and non-profit boards, loves to organize events and travel the world.
Ian co-founder of software for hardware in door distributor industry
Ian Oxman
A career leading product management and marketing for numerous business software companies including Sage, Experian and Aderant. Ian hails from the west coast and longs for the day his UCLA Bruins return to football and basketball prominence. Ian also serves the community with various faith-based and youth sports organizations. When time affords, Ian can be found golfing or boating.
Gary staff for door distributor software
Gary Loderhose
Senior Software Engineer
A longtime employee of Software for Hardware, Gary knows the program code, and the door industry, like no other software engineer. Gary lives and works in Florida but can often be found all across the country following his passion for birding.
Cheryl staff for door distributor software
Cheryl Orsi
Senior Support & Training
A DHI Merit Award winner, Cheryl has worked in the door industry for nearly 30 years for several distributors before joining Software for Hardware. Cheryl understands our customers environment maybe better than any Support & Training person in the door software industry. When not helping door distributors, you may find Cheryl at a local or far away beach.
Michael - staff for door distributor software atlanta
Michael Schecter
Director of Technical Services
World class IT support requires a real sense of urgency. Michael learned the true meaning while developing a career in the gaming industry. A 24/7, non-stop, immediate cash and critical operations environment. Michael brought that sense of urgency to Software for Hardware and regularly amazes customers with his dedication and service level.
John's software for door distributors
John Petersen
Founder Emeritus
Also an industry award winner, DHI recognized John for his contribution to the industry as a technology pioneer in helping distributors improve automation and efficiency. John retired in 2018 but remains a regular consultant and resource for Software for Hardware and our customers.
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