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[ATLANTA, GA, May 25, 2020]   Software for Hardware LLC, the industry leader in software for door, frame and hardware distributors, released their latest research whitepaper entitled, “Top 5 New Technologies for Door, Frame and Hardware Distributors.”  This whitepaper, the latest in their “5 Keys to Success” series, identifies the top five new technologies with high ROI and direct application for improving a door supplier business.

Ian Oxman, co-owner, Software for Hardware LLC commented, “Small businesses, door suppliers included, typically underinvest in technology and miss out on low cost opportunities to boost their business productivity and profitability.”  Oxman continued, “This whitepaper delivers practical and pragmatic recommendations that door, frame and hardware distributors can put into action right away to gain immediate improvements and bottom line financial results.”  According to Wakefield Research and Concur Technology, 49% of small business operators still use handwritten records to manage and monitor their business.  Hence, a large opportunity exists for small businesses to adopt new technology and cloud productivity tools to run operations more efficiently and profitably.

Top 5 New Technologies for Door, Frame and Hardware Distributors focuses on two areas where technology can create the most impact: customer service and employee productivity.  The five recommended new technologies include: mobile apps, computer hardware, cloud based productivity software, VOIP technology, and door industry specific software.

In addition, the whitepaper discusses the proper technology budget for a door, frame and hardware supplier and presents a methodology to determine the financial feasibility and ROI for any possible new technology investments.  Lisa Oxman, co-owner, Software for Hardware, commented, “Every day we talk to dozens of door, frame and hardware suppliers who consistently voice their need to contain costs and improve productivity.  This whitepaper directly addresses how new technology can achieve cost reductions and productivity improvements.”

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Based in Atlanta, GA since 1996, Software for Hardware provides software to commercial door, frame and hardware distributors across the U.S. and Canada.  Nearly 1,000 door industry professionals rely on Software for Hardware to improve their business efficiency, client responsiveness, and bottom line profitability.  As a result, Software for Hardware has become the fastest growing software company in the industry and the software of choice for door distributors.


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