What Our Customers Say

“We chose Software for Hardware because the software has skilled programmers who have thorough knowledge of this industry. When you contact customer support you get a level of support able and willing to solve the issues at hand, rather than bounce you from one voice mail box to another voice mail box. When you buy this software you also join a community of users with an opportunity to increase the usability of the product through future upgrades.”

Charles Reagan, Vice President of Operations, Palmetto Metal Products, Columbia, SC.

“I researched the market for years to find the best software tool to help our company grow. Software for Hardware is that tool.”

Trevor M. Rothrock, V.P., Steel Dor of Tucson, AZ.

“HKS's productivity has increased 25% since fully implementing SFH. This is truly a system that lets you take the job from start to finish. It has everything you need to estimate, detail, order, ship, track, and bill a job all in one piece of software. By utilizing the system all the way through, everyone in the company can check the status of each item on the project. It also allows you to track inventory and order materials prior to running out of stock as well as letting you see where you might be over-stocking materials.”

W. Joshua Hauser-Vice President, HKS Hardware & Hollow Metal, Inc., East Bend, NC.

“I never wrote a hardware schedule before using Software for Hardware. After using the software for two weeks I was able to write a door/frame schedule and a hardware schedule for a project which consisted of nearly 100 openings and 15 different hardware sets. We now take on larger projects and are able to handle more jobs simultaneously. I purchased Software for Hardware in February, 2000 and before June, 2000 it paid for itself!”

Stephen J. Talanian, V.P. Sales and Marketing, Metropolitan Door Industries, Garden City Park, NY.

“First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. John Petersen for creating such an excellent software package which actually works. Tal-Kno has certainly become more profitable utilizing the Software for Hardware package. If Tal-Kno Building Products, Inc. had not purchased the software in 1997, we would not have been able to achieve the company’s goals. The Software for Hardware package has helped Tal-Kno Building Products, Inc. increase sales, reduce estimating time, reduce frame, door and hardware submittal time, and improve the overall performance of the company. Our sales staff is now able to quote jobs three times faster than we did four years ago. This one improvement alone has allowed us to increase sales by simply allowing more jobs to be quoted. The submittal process time has been greatly reduced as well. The shop fabrication reports generated from the contract job module have improved the overall performance of our shop. These reports have helped to reduce errors in coordination as well. I would urge any frame, door, and hardware distributor to try this software package. Once you see the benefits this software can provide, your company will become more efficient and profitable.”

Michael A. Knowles, President, Tal-Kno Building Products, Inc., Morrow, GA.