Software for Hardware provides commercial door, frame and hardware distributors the most cost effective and easy to use software solution to grow their businesses. Developed as a Windows-based multi-user application with “point and click” ease of use, Software for Hardware utilizes a state of the art relational database and .net architecture for fast processing and easy support.

Win and Manage More Jobs

Software for Hardware enables you to efficiently manage a job from the initial take-off stage all the way through to the creation of purchase orders, picking tickets and packing slips. Integrated within the application, Software for Hardware provides access to current price books from a Software for Hardware library. As manufacturers release new price book updates, Software for Hardware automatically downloads these updates to your computer. From contract jobs to “over the counter” sales, Software for Hardware enables your staff to work more effectively to create estimates, detail jobs, produce submittals, and effectively manage complex projects from start to finish.

Industry's Best Elevation Drawing Tool

Software for Hardware created the industry’s best Elevation Drawing Tool, providing you with the easiest and most intuitive interface to quickly draw door and frame elevations. Frame elevations can then be immediately priced with the click of a button. Best of all, no CAD skills are required.

Flexible IT Configurations to Fit Your Needs

Software for Hardware can be configured in several ways to best suit the needs of your business. Typically, Software for Hardware will be installed on each employee’s computer with access to a central database stored on your local office server. Alternatively, you can set up Software for Hardware to be accessed remotely via Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, mitigating the need for multiple installations. This also allows for branch office access so that employees in multiple locations can simultaneaously access and share data while using the application. You can even work from home or from any location that has internet access. More...

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