Feature Description Why It Matters
Inventory & Non-Stock databases Automatically build a library of doors, frames, hardware and accessories as you add these products to a job or sales order. Save time when creating jobs and sales orders by reusing these items from the database.
Inventory Control Track on-hand and committed quantities for each product in your inventory. Accurately track and modify inventory items directly from your desktop.
QR Code Integration Create and print adhesive QR Code labels for every product in your inventory. View item details and update inventory counts from an iPhone or iPad simply by scanning these codes. Instantly view product details while in the warehouse and efficiently verify and update your inventory counts.
Contact Database Manage important contact information for architects, customers, manufacturers and wholesalers. Easily access all the info you need on the people you sell to, buy from and work with.
Integrated Price books Utilize over 100 hardware, 9 accessory and 10 hollow metal price books which are integrated into Software for Hardware and are automatically kept current. Software for Hardware also allows you to add your own custom products. Find price info that is always current and readily accessible.
Schedule Creator Produce Door/Frame, Hardware and Division 10 schedules. Preamble and note pages can be attached to each schedule and the Door/Frame Schedule also includes elevation drawings. Easily create and print complex schedules.
Price Estimate Reports Generate a detailed price list of all doors, frames hardware items and accessories used on a job. Door and Frame reports will also show the cost of manufacturer preps and “our shop” preps when applicable. Detailed and easy to read reports allow for quick and accurate review before submittal.
Job Areas By creating Areas, you can break a contract job down by building, floor, phase or any other category that you may choose. Produce reports for Purchase Orders, Picking Tickets and Packing Slips for only a particular part of the job.
Submittal Bid Sheet Create summarized pricing for a job. Custom notes can be easily added. Quickly produce concise, professional bid sheets for your customers.
Sales Orders/Proposals If you are not required to do a submital package, you can create a sales proposal/order. It's just like adding items to the "shopping cart". With one click, you can turn a Sales Proposal into a Sales Order. Easily make over-the-counter sales with no need to create a contract job.
Purchase Orders Instantly create purchase orders with the click of a button from a Contract Job or Sales Order. Software for Hardware also supports backordered POs. Stock replenishment POs can be created by selecting items from your inventory database. Save time, reduce errors, and effectively track all your purchases.
"Combo" Purchase Orders Combine stock, job or sales order POs into a single purchase order. Easily find the best POs to combine going to the same supplier which will often save money on freight charges, provide greater discounts, and help you meet minimum order quantities.
Picking Tickets & Packing Slips Easily generate picking tickets to pull stock material for both contract jobs and sales orders. Packing Slips can be created for all of the material being delivered to the job site. Adhesive labels can be printed to label all products going to the job site. Save time and reduce errors when managing jobs and sales orders.
Change Orders Automatically generate change orders to track any changes made to an approved job. Retain accurate records of job changes as well as tracking purchases and deliveries.
Door, Frame and Prehung Fabrication Reports Create reports that group together all like doors, frames or prehungs found in a contract job. These reports provide all of the details needed for your shop to deliver the material required on the job. It will identify all required preps, fire labels and accessories for the doors, frames and prehungs being delivered to the job. Help your shop meet delivery dates efficiently and accurately as you coordinate the preps and materials needed for complex jobs.
Profitability Reporting Measure profitability either by job or by salesperson. Get immediate access to the data you need to manage and grow your business.
Installation Bids Easily enter all the information required to produce a bid for the installation of doors, frames, hardware and accessories. You can also create User-Defined categories to cover things like travel and living expenses for your crew. Respond to your customers quickly and accurately.
Installation Reports/Tracking Create installer reports with complete job information to tell the installer what to install as well as track on-site progress. Easily access information about the details and installation status of your jobs at any time.
Archive Jobs and Sales Orders Clear out old jobs and sales orders by archiving them into a separate database. Keep your database fast, organized, and clutter-free while still retaining access to past jobs/orders if necessary.
Job Correspondence Generate and track RFIs, Transmittals, and miscellaneous correspondence documents for every contract job. Respond quickly and professionaly to customer inquires.
Job Site Info Manage and view job site information including phone numbers, special delivery instructions and directions. Save time by finding all the information you need in one place to efficiently manage a job.

For your accounting needs, Software for Hardware is also fully integrated with these accounting systems: